13 May 2019

Who Listens When You Cry?

We are all human, and it’s natural to cry when we feel really down and especially when things don’t seem to go our way.

But then, who listens when you cry?

Over two decades, I lost touch of that one person that I grew up to feel could listen to me whenever I cried. My mother.

Thanks to the presence of my wonderful father, my beautiful wife, and my siblings. They’ve always wanted me to cry leaning on their shoulders. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the original piece like it would have been crying while leaning on mum’s shoulder.

The reason is that by birth, her shoulder has become my natural pole to lean on.

The point I’m trying to make here is this.

We all need a shoulder to lean on when we cry but remember these shoulders won’t be always close to you or be there forever. Hence, we must be able to build one for ourselves. Of course, not taking our creator out of the bracket.

One that we can easily fall back on when things don’t go our way.

And what I found out in the last few years is one thing and nothing more.

Getting Back To Work………………..

Work is the only thing that gets you out of pains. Work will fix a whole lot for you.

While it’s natural to cry because things aren’t going our ways, a lot is lost grinding and screaming about those things that failed to work in our favours.

But when you look away and brace up with the realities that beckon at us to get back to work. Either starting all over again or getting back on track with that same thing you’ve been doing all along, I can assure you that things will find its way back again.

The Government, Your Uncles, Aunts, Friends, Siblings, can only do but a little.

The biggest part is in your hands and it calls for you to go back to work.

It’s a new week again, and just like a wind, it’s going to fly away faster than we thought.

Get back to work my dear friend and get things working for you again.

It may not come back in one swoop but slowly wins the race. And FOCUS is the King.

I wish you a brilliant week ahead.

This Is To Motivate You – It’s Okay To Cry But Get Back To Work.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

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