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"How to Start a Business Without Money"

 Do You Know The Most Exciting Part?

It Has Nothing To Do With Magic...... It's Simply About Developing A Highly Sought-after Skills That Sells Like Wildfire & Business Owners Are Willing To Pay Unimaginable Amounts of Money Just To Get It.

Least I Forget, There Are Additional Benefits You Will Get With This Book In Your Hand.....

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My Dear Friend, Please Listen Here,

 I am so sure, you have never read a book like this before.

Yes!! I can say that again and again.

But for a start, I am going to make some assumptions here; And I'm pretty sure that the entire or one or two of these assumptions are pretty damn correct about you.

I say this because at Forty+ Years of age, I think I have experienced a whole lot that may be similar to what you've experienced before or still experiencing today.

These Are My Assumptions About You!!!

  1. You want to start a new business but you don't have enough money to start what you really want.
  2. YOU are sick and tired of your present job, you’re frustrated with your financial situation
  3. You own a business but you have nevert been able to see growth as you should be seeing. 
  4. You understand how important it is to have enough monies, and of course the pains of being broke or not having enough to provide for yourself and loved ones.
  5. You have vowed to become rich after seeing and experiencing what your parents went through for not beingh rich.
  6. Someone somewhere treated you with disdain that has made you swore that you must do whatever it takes to make money in life. 
  7. You lost someone because you didn't have the money to pay for his/her health bills.
  8. Your mates are doing really well, but you have been like someone who is spiritually hunted.
  9. You or your parents/family own a business, but you want to take it to another level.
  10. You hate to beg for money, so you can do anything just to start making your own money and live a comfortable life.
  11. Your kids, your wife, your siblings who are looking up to you for their survival, are at home feeling sick and unhappy because you couldn't pay their school fees, take them out for some fun, pay their bills in whatever form.

That's the worst and mostly sad part of it all. 

Well, if you are still trying to crack your head to accept my assumption, let me make it clearer.

 One thing I am so sure about you is that you’re interested in this book because you want MORE....... MORE money... MORE stuffs ... MORE satisfaction... MORE time… MORE happiness... MORE sex... MORE fun... MORE love... MORE pleasure... MORE of SOMETHING and ANYTHING You truly want from life.

 You know what?

That’s actually a brilliant idea. And you’re not alone in this.

The fact is, everyone is thinking just that same way.

Sincerely, we all want more of everything, even when we pretend sometimes to say "Life is not all about money."

Truth remains True - Life is all about wanting more and making more.

That’s the reality of life, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  

So in summary to all I have said above, I’m working on the assumption that you want more and you don’t feel guilty about it.

If you do feel guilty about it, just know that your guilt is part of the problem. It’s the biggest reason that you don’t have more and probably the reason you've been broke all these years.

 So Get Over It Now..... Or Stop Complaining. Period!!!


 How To Start A Business Without Money Tim Abel

 I am tempted not to use the phrase "90 Days" because I don't like the idea of sounding like it's magical.

 Take A Look At A Summary of The Benefits You'll Get

Main Benefit #1 - Practical Life Experiences & Lessons To Help Rediscover Your Potentials . 

Main Benefit #2 - Exact Ways I Have Used To Create My Businesses - No Fluffs. The Formula Is Simply Research, Create, Package and Release.

Main Benefit #3 - How To Find The Businesses, The Owners, The Customers and How To Win Them Over To Pay You For Your Services.

Why The Hell Should You Even Listen To Me?

  1. Because I Am Now The CEO of Trump-Hills Real Estate with 2 Estates under my control
  2. Because I Own Rocket Sales With You Dot Com - A social media marketing agency that birthed all my businesses today
  3. Because I Am Worth Over N250m as at today that I am writing this piece.
  4. Because I Have Never Had To Go Beg Anyone For Financial Supports Since I Left Banking Till Tomorrow.
  5. Because....... Just name it.
  6. Listen, this is no pride. I am just humbled by this secret discovered years ago.

I Would simply put it this way.

How To Start A Business Without Money Is The Most Insightful and Practical book on earth today.

- Jones Osume

 Now, Let Me Warn You:

 Please Do Not Read This Book, Listen To Me or Read My Articles If You’re Easily Offended By My Strong Ideas Or Language.

In case you didn’t notice, the language I have used so far is not politically correct or generally acceptable by our cultures.

Yeah! I love to break such norms too.

Ultimately, this book is definitely not for the easily-offended or the faint of heart.

In other words, I didn’t take the time to edit out all the “sh*ts,” “f**ks,” and other offensive terms.

I write the way I talk. So, No bullsh*t, no fluff, and no sugar coating.

And I think the bad language adds a bit of spice to some of these messages and makes them easier to read.

I also know that the title alone will offend a lot of people.

Yeah! Because I have seen people mock it.

I have seen people insult me for saying a thing like this.

So, when I talk, you can imagine my pains about how ignorant people are.

However, I believe I’m only as effective to the degree that I am willing to offend people.

It’s better to be hated than ignored after all.

When I started off, on my business career, I’ve always had critics and people who don’t like me.

 So Before We Dive In, I Want To Make Three Things Perfectly Clear:

  1. I didn’t invent the ideas or strategies you are about to learn from this book.

  2. I only simply spell them out in the book as I had been thought and I have used for myself.

  3. Nothing in this book is original. So, stop being a F**k to judge me.

 Anything I’ve been able to accomplish today has been a direct result of what others have taught me, supported me through, and even challenged me to do.

I think originality is highly overrated.

You can always tell the pioneers because they’re the ones laying in the sand with arrows in their backs.

In fact, most of my fortunes are made by altering existing ideas, not creating something new.

When I started marketing for the Real Estate Business and shared an idea with the man I worked for at first. It was so brilliant that he had to advise me to start my own Real Estate Business and he was willing to support me.

Guess what, I took the idea I shared with him from my coach.

We used it in his business, and the whole town went agog.

In less than 3 months we sold everything he had.

I am sure you know the effect of such experience with someone who enjoyed your services right?

He paid me well with smiles.

That's what you are about to learn in this book.

Being creative. Being Smart; Being Active; Being The Best At What You Do.

Above All Putting Smiles On Business Owners' Faces.

And letting them bow and pay you so much that you want to quit your existing job if you ever had one.  

Now, Listen to me......

You won’t find ALL the answers in this book.

You’ll find some of the answers, but not all of them.

The purpose of this book is NOT to teach you everything there is to know about making Money without money.

My goal is to expand your horizons, shift your paradigm, and open your mind to a whole new world of opportunity.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said, “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

This book is also not a magic pill or silver bullet for the people who are simply wishing and dreaming that money will suddenly “manifest” itself into their lives.

If you believe in that sh*t, then you shouldn’t be reading this book anyway.

This book is for serious people who are dedicated to building a business that can give them freedom and prosperity beyond their wildest dreams.

But in order to do so, work is involved.

I am not asking you to agree with me.

In fact, it is perfectly okay to disagree with me — I couldn’t care less.

There are many ways to be right.

What I’m going to share with you are the ways that have proven to be right for me. That doesn’t make them right or wrong—it just makes it my experience.

And that’s the only place I can come from — my experience.

Take my suggestions with a pinch of salt if you want.

Take one or two ideas and try them out. If they work for you, great—keep them.

If they don’t work for you, kick them to the trash bin.

No hard feelings whatsoever.

 The Express & Speedy Way To Failure......

 I don’t know the express and speedy way to success. But I'm sure as hell know the express, speedy and easy way to failure, and that is to try to please everybody.

I got broke, sad, unhappy, miserable many times by consciously giving a damn about what people think or say.

I tried to please everybody at that point in my life because I thought, it was actually the sure way to success.

Unfortunately, it was one of my biggest failures in life.

So F**K those who want to criticize me negatively.

The truth is that, those who can’t do, criticize.

It’s easier to sit back and criticize the people who are actually doing something.

Here’s my message to the critics: “If you’re so damn smart, why aren’t you rich?”

If you have no critics, you likely have no success. In fact you're damn BROKE.

Anyone in the world who is making an impact WILL be criticized—period.

I guarantee that when you start going after your dream and working towards your goals of becoming rich in life, so that you can take care of yourself and your immediate family, you will encounter criticism.

So you might as well develop an alligator skin and get used to it.

The key is not to internalize it.

Don’t take it personal.

Critics are losers—so who cares?

Just because you exist in the world, somebody somewhere will be offended.

Those people are NOT going to give you money or have anything to do with you anyway.

So who gives a sh*t what they think?

 What Is This Book Really About?

 This book is about making you a lot of money, about making you believe in yourself like you never have before, about forcing you to take massive action to do whatever the hell it takes to make you Money.

And I'm talking about Legitimate ways of making money. This is not some touchy-feely, happy-sloppy, feel-good book. As you can already see, I am not here for you to like me.

If you want a friend, please go and buy a dog. Simple!!

I am here to show you how to think differently. I am here to change the way you think about business and about making a lot of money. I am here to make you grow. I am here to challenge you. I am here to give you a dose of reality.

There’s just no other way. My job is not to make you like me; my job is to get you off your butt to do something.

And I don’t care if I have to slap, kick, punch, or drag you to the finish line, that’s what I’m prepared to do.

  •   I WILL make you feel uncomfortable, so much that, you won't be able to tell those lies you've always told to justify why you don't have money.
  • I WILL make you feel uneasy with what you think has been the reason you don't have money.
  • I WILL be in your face every f**king day until you change your ways

 I am here to tell you what you don’t want to hear, but need to hear.

You might be put-off by my brutal honesty but you just have to realize that it’s “tough love.”

One last thing: as you make the decision to pick this book and start reading it, ask yourself two questions:

  1. How does this apply to me?
  2. How do I take direct action?

To get the maximum value and results from this book, take every step of the book one-at-a-time.

Answer the questions in your own way. Listen to yourself when you respond to some of the puzzles I have put in there for you to work on.

I am actually not expecting a first class student answers.

Because I know You are damn flat with zero experience.

So I know what I have done here.

Did I just say "one last thing? Oh sorry............ It's not.

The Last thing I have to tell you is the f**cking last thing you wouldn't want to hear from me because of your pride and ignorance.

The Price.................

I am selling this book almost for FREE.

If I have to look at the time and efforts in writing this piece, I bet you can never pay me for it.

If I have to check the value I paid to my Coaches Internationally and Locally, I can bet You Will Never Shift Your Bumbum to ask for the cost.

Unfortunately, You will be willing to spend N10k to go on a date with a friend.

You'll be willing to buy airtime enough to just call friends and family members who will never put money in your pocket.

You'll be willing to spend for one thing or the other so much that you will get some level of hailing and for you, that expenses will never come back to your pocket. Ever!!!

But when we say, pay N7,997.97 for an investment of a life time that will make you millions and billions. Your mind will shift to south.

I have just this to say............

Decide for yourself now, what you want to do with your life with this light investment.

  •  Let Me Show You Some Additional Benefits You Stand To Get After Picking Up This Book..... Video Courses All For FREE

  • Benefit #1 - Facebook Marketing Made Easy
  • Benefit #2 - Modern Facebook Marketing
  • Benefit #3 - Instagram Marketing 3.0 Made Easy
  • Benefit #4 - Twitter Marketing Made Easy
  • Benefit #5 - YouTube Marketing Made Easy 3.0 
  • Benefit #6 - Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy
  • Benefit #7 - Blogging Paycheck  
  • Benefit #8 - Authority Blog Advantage
  • Benefit #9 - Develop Copywriting Skills 
  • Benefit #10 - WhatsApp Marketing Made Easy 
  • Benefit #11 - Astonishing Power of Positive Thinking 
  • Benefit #12 - Power of Execution 
  • Benefit #13 - Over 1 Million Prospective Clients Phone Numbers & Emails 
  • Benefit #14 - One-on-One Session With Me Once In A Week 
  • Benefit #15 - Free Additional Materials & Tools To Support Your Online & Offline Activities 
  • And Many More .................................................

 Listen To What These Guys Have To Say...................

 Fidelis A. - Sir Tim, you've been a whole new touch to me and my business. But this book is something else that words cannot express. Boss, thank you for opening my eyes.

 James O. - Boss for life. Walahi, I didn't know this can be possible. Do you know that before you wrote this book, If anyone had told me that such a thing can be done, I would probably have walked out of the person's presence with an insult. Sir, you've changed my mentality. This is why they say "Everything Is Possible."

 Loveth I. - Thanks Mr. Tim is all I can say. You just brought out a drowning life. My husband and I have made a resolution that we are no longer going to work for any organization again after reading your book. The process is so clear and easy to practicalize. In fact, I want to start with selling Soups like the other lady online, because that's an area I can think of now and  easily start. God bless you richly sir.

 Ikenna P. - Sir, all these my pharmaceutical companies here in Lagos are almost on a daily basis begging me to push their products for them since I started with one of them and he is experiencing massive sales. I can't thank you enough sir. I will personally visit you in Abuja to show how much I appreciate you for what you have done for me using your book.

 And the testimonies keep coming.....................

My Special Bonus For FREE!

 Hey! I don't just let you grow without a super support. This is one offer I am prepared to give you.

I will help you to craft Your First Story-Telling Pitch & Guide You On The Production Before You Launch Out.

The importance of Story-Telling In Sales Can Never Be Overemphasized. That Can Guarantee Your First Breakthrough.  

 Actual Price: NGN997,997.97

 My Free Giveaway Price: NGN7,997.97

Are You Still studying the price?

I really don't want to talk about my price because for me, it's baseless especially when I know that this promises value of a lifetime.

Taking N10,000 to blow for fun, board a taxi just to visit someone, or buy some fashionable attires isn't bad enough compared to buying a token gift that will serve you for the rest of your life.

When I started my first course with Emyth, then moved onto Alex Jeffrey, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Billy Gene, Agency Scaling Secrets and many more..... I didn't look at the millions of naira I spent to enroll for those courses because I know the value. And it is paying off today.

Listen to me...... My book may not be as important as a bottle of beer and pepper soup you will drink tonight. But I can assure you that, you can never find this knowledge anywhere for less than A MILLION NAIRA.


This is your best option.

And I am just going to sell it to a few persons......... Between 30 to 50 because I don't want to accommodate too many students in this session considering how busy I am running my own businesses.

Of course, it's going to go away soon.....   

 Are You Ready To Go?

 Listen to this final piece from me to you.

This is not about some magic. It is about your readiness to break out of those poverty situations you find yourself.

Therefore, take every action online and offline and ensure to take records of the results before moving on to the next line of action once you are on track.

Make sure to take notes.

Don’t just read this book, use this book.

Grab a pen and a highlighter, feel free to write on it, tear it apart, make a mess of it, whatever you want to do—just as long as you use the damn thing!

 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Are you ready?

Very good.

Click on the buy button now and place your order.

Delivery Is Free... 

Success Is Your Duty, Your Obligation and Responsibility!!!


Sincerely Yours,

Tim Abel

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