06 May 2019

How Often Does Your Business Close Sales??

Have you heard or being told to close a deal before?

Yeah! I know you might have heard it. And of course, it simply means finishing up on setting goals, isn’t it?

To “Close” or “Closing” is actually the final step in the pursuit of ANY goal.

It isn’t just a term or word that salespeople use. It applies to every person, even you.

Well, if you must know, “Closing” starts and ends somewhere. And there are a whole lot of things that happen in the process.

It, therefore, means that for closing to happen, you must be able to engender the support, energy, and resources of others.

This may sound rash but the truth is that for it to happen, there are forces that must be broken.

This is exactly what separates those who are successful from those who are failures in life.

This critical and vital ability is what differentiates the dreamer from the person that realizes his dreams.

Well, you may think I’m just saying it because I was made to think that way.

No! I’ve experienced it too.

Now take a look at those great names you’ve always heard about; Your very own Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Mike Otedola, Mike Adenuga, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Edwin Barnes, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Walt Disney, Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Barack Obama etc.

They got this famous because they were able to close others on their ideas. They were able to instil support from others so they could get their ideas backed with money, energy, and effort.

The art of closing the sale is a needed skill for anyone that wants to move their ideas, dreams, products, and services into the marketplace.

As rightly put by one of my coaches “An example of a close is, “If you have no other reservations or objections, I need your approval here.”

Closing brings joy….. Especially to business people.

Imagine starting a new month with sales coming in for your business so much that your banks are willing to have a talk with you?

This only happens to a few and it happens because they know how to close on their products and/or services.

It’s not just because they have a great product, it is also because they know how to close their sales process the right way.

There are various ways to close sales, and these skills can be learned.

Closing sales could be from a powerful article you may have written, or a great content you’ve created to picking up your phone and dialling that contact, or to have a chat via WhatsApp, Messenger, Email or even a video Call.

The most important thing is being able to move the prospect from point A to Z and ensuring money exchanges hands.

It doesn’t matter about what you sell… From the tiniest of product or services to the biggest of offers, closing needs to be done on a daily basis.

It’s not luck, It’s more of skills.

Grab a copy of my book – How To Start A Business Without Money at N7,997.77 and let’s ship it over to you immediately, so you can start learning those skills.

  • Learn how to close business owners to chose you over other competitors.
  • Learn how to close customers to buy from you and come back times and times again.
  • Learn how to close sales on the phone, through handwritten proposals, emails, one-on-one meetings.


Remember, everything you do on a daily basis requires closing.

Your best bet on closing anything to make you achieve your set goals is having a copy of that book now while it last.

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Closing is what is required to ensure you get what you want in life, both professionally and personally.

So are YOU ready to start closing on all fronts?

Closing Is Your Responsibility, Your Obligation & Your Duty If You Want To Succeed In Life & Business.

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