28 Apr 2019

Few Things Last Forever… This Is One of Them

That car you couldn’t wait for the bank doors to open, so you could make some withdrawals and pay for, that shirt, the shoes, the wigs, the Material things will eventually go away – they wear out, get old, go out of style… but experiences will stay with you forever whether good or bad.

In my early banking days in Makurdi, I wanted to buy a car with my first imbursement so I walked up to a friend and had a chat with him being an experienced car owner.

The cost of the first car that was shown to me was too high, so he asked me to give him one more day. I couldn’t wait because of the excitement of buying my first car.

Like a dream the next day, I was standing in front of a Honda 86 Model beautifully painted in sky blue colours. That seemed like my first dream car.

I went round this beautiful baby and made up my mind instantly to purchase the car.

As though I should start driving, I asked the guy….. “How much is the car?”

He looked at me and responded, not with the price but with some sense of instance that even thrilled my emotions.

I actually thought I was smart…

He said, “Oh, you mean this one?”

Here’s the thing – This guy knew EXACTLY which car I was talking about. In fact, he had only one car in front of me and him.

So he tapped the car and leaned on it and his gestures made me feel another strong affection for the car. He then moved slightly away from the car and tossed the key to me with all smiles on his face.

…I guess I wasn’t a good goalkeeper but I found the key right in my palms.

And immediately, I could imagine myself on the wheels and cruising.

He then told me the price…………..

Immediately, I protested, “Oh, that’s too high. C’mon man, I don’t need a car as expensive as this men.”

He smiled, stepped backwards and then advanced towards the car.

Opened the door and sat right on the wheels. He turned and looked at me again with some funny smiles before he uttered a word.

He said, “Mr. Tim, no one buys a car like this because they need it.”

Remember, I just finished saying, “Oh, that’s too high. C’mon man, I don’t need a car as expensive as this men.”

But here is the guy saying something different. He said, “No one buys a car like this because they need it. They buy it because it’s beautiful and because it makes them feel good.”

I was, blown away by this. I melted in the truth of his statement, and I asked him, again, how do I make payments?“

Before I knew it. I had paid him for the car.

Actually, I wasn’t planning to spend that much for the car. My plan was to buy a car that could leave me with at least half of the monies paid to me by my employer.

I paid more than I expected, and had budgeted, or had contemplated…

But what a great experience!

I don’t have that car anymore… and frankly, I would probably have a good laugh at what it looks like today with me driving it. It is probably so out of date and fashion that the best place for it would be a pantaker sales shop.

Don’t get it wrong.

People still using that model of car are using one of the strongest Honda products ever.

I remember I became very uncomfortable with the car when my mates started buying – Honda Hala, Honda Bullet (I guess that was the name for Honda Ugly too right) Lol, Honda Civic, and the likes.

The fact here is that Life is really all about experiences.

That small moment has stayed with me all these years because it was such an experience that many years later I laughed out so hard about it.

I laugh because of the experiences I had while buying the car and those that followed it.

There were very bitter experiences after paying for the car and owning it. These experiences also make me laugh. In fact, I was gisting with my wife a few months ago about one of the experiences with that beautiful lady of a car.

What surprises me the most is the fact that with such bad conditions of a car, that guy sold it to me smoothly without me finding out that it had some issues before it was brought to me?

And the pain that I paid far above the value.


Most importantly and I love it any day was that moment with the guy. It remains an outstanding experience in my life.

It was just such a great example of a truly talented, skilled salesperson, a perfect and beautiful closing of a sale and the attitude was a great one for that matter.

Experiences are important.

They shape us, inspire us, teach us, motivate us, show us a new way to do something, how to navigate a problem – how to define a path to our goals and can act like a light bulb going off, giving us a great idea or giving definition to something just out of our grasp…

This experience helped me formulate my thoughts about attitude and how it can impact a sale and now I’m a firm believer that attitude is so important in sales that I include it as a step itself in the sales process anytime I train people or my team about selling.

Experiences are so important in life…

As for Entrepreneurs and salespeople, your prospects want to experience something unique to be able to let go of their monies and this must come from your attitude too.


Today, I want you to have an experience that will last forever.

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