08 May 2019

Don’t Be The One


It’s been 18 weeks since 2019 started. How many of your 2019 New Year’s resolutions have you skipped, paused, or given up on already?

Who hasn’t failed promises before? Who hasn’t derailed from focus in his or her life?

Look, we all have missed many good things we promised ourselves.

The fact is, as the year winds down, everyone tends to come up with a New Year’s Resolution.

And if you have the opportunity to review these resolutions, you would find out that over 99% have a good intention for their lives.

This is because you know what you should do to become a better person.

Unfortunately, people usually slack at these very important things they already have a knowledge about.

I’m talking about road map….

Not just your plans, or resolutions, but the ability to follow the step by step processes required to execute those plans effectively.

It’s easy to create the excuse by using your environment as being inconduicive enough to get you the needed success. But, it’s not about your environment, but about your willingness and ability to create an environment that soothes your purpose and can help you to achieve those set goals or plans.

It’s easy to see the people around you as a problem. But it’s not about the people, but your ability to choose those people among the very many ones around you, who can impact positively on you and help actualize your success.

It’s very obvious and true that the problems are just numerous to mention.

I remember, in one of the sessions I had, where a young man showed me his plans for a new year.

Behold, 4 years down the line, he was still searching for job. So I asked him what happened to those brilliant ideas and plans.

And all I got was blames…..

Exactly, the human nature.

Don’t Be That Kind of Person.

Learn how to create your own future. It’s not going to be easy. But when you get started, it’s going to be worth the while.

So, I want to leave you with this.

What is that plan that you have for a brilliant 2019?

Do you already have the road map?

If you do, then Good luck.

If not, then I want to give you a helping hand.

Get my Book, On How To Start A Business Without Money, where I talked extensively on Planning and executing.

You will also have the opportunity to listen to some Powerful Personal Development Video Trainings;

  1. Power of Execution – Where you will learn how to create your plans and execute them perfectly.
  2. Astonishing Power of Positive Thinking – Where you will be thought about the greatest asset that you have. And that’s your mind.

I have also included 10 additional social media marketing videos to support whatever you learn from the book.

In fact, if you already have a business, then you can launch your sales using the ideas shared in the book and the videos.

The Social Media Marketing videos include;

  1. Facebook Marketing (1 & 2)
  2. Twitter Marketing
  3. Instagram Marketing
  4. Youtube Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Blogging
  7. Copy Writing
  8. WhatsApp Marketing

In addition, I have over 80 million phone numbers of Nigerians, Yellow Page, Over 643, 000 Emails and more that will be given to you for FREE.

There is never going to be a better offer like this in a year filled with bustles.

You must get ready for a brilliant 2019 and start collecting your own share of the economy.

You can place your order Now before the last few copies are sold.

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It’s My Birthday Mood!

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