20 Apr 2019

Being Lazy Is An Entitlement Concept – Your No. 1 Problem

I know how you feel when told that you’re lazy…. Indeed we all react differently but most importantly, we don’t take this lightly at all. Funny enough, even those who are lazy also accuse others of being lazy.

But let’s face the truth here….

Would you agree with me that deep down in you, even when people accuse you of being lazy, though you hate the words, then you sit back and review your entire actions, do you know that 99% of the times, it is actually true?

Now, I would like us to discuss the concept and why you’re lazy….. You probably might get jerked and realize you’ve been missing the points all along.

So, let’s roll.

First, Laziness is an entitlement concept that has been accepted by the average class in our country today and it is really devastating and of course crushing our greatness. Sadly, it has also spread like wildfire.

Laziness has been adopted as a right of people, and supposedly earned because a person worked five days a week and therefore must take the weekend off. This concept of entitlement runs across workers, management and executives. That’s why we wait long enough for “Thank God It’s Friday – TGIF”.

The fact is; this has long been established as a policy so much that even workers will put off their phones or rebel against employers for taking their weekends.

This, of course, has become a deserved status and has been earned as a right automatically. It is indeed one of our major failures.

It is no different from the fact that most people in our country today now hold the government responsible for everything and would expect every government to put foods on their table. They call it social security, healthcare, and employment rights even when we all know it is impossible for the government to provide all of these for our massive population.

The idea that one has worked 5 days and must take the weekend off is ridiculous and a form of entitled laziness.

The mass acceptance that 8 hours invested in your job every day requires that you leave as soon as the clock strikes 4 pm is a mass agreement and a misunderstanding of epic proportions.

Thinking that all national holidays are a right regardless of personal finances and/or the production or condition of your department is more damaging to personal finances and our country’s solvency than all the wrongs of Broad Street.

I had an experience in my office a few years ago when I announced to my members of staff that we would need to report normal time on a Saturday and close at 6 pm. The experience was one of the worst ever with them as they all rebelled against the decision immediately. They even had to send heads of departments to my office to speak about it. The other time too was during a period the Religious holiday and the Federal Government had announced Friday, and Monday. But as soon as I told my staff to report at work on Friday, gosh… The looks on their faces were scary so much that, I immediately told them to have fun.

Just take time to suggest to a worker that they work the weekend and witness the sense of entitlement that comes with it. They’ll say; “C’mon I deserve my time off”.

These thoughts are not limited to worker’s, and unions only, it is so bad that even those in leadership positions also see it as an agreement or policy between them and staff or employers and employees.

Other laziness mentality or entitlements include areas of top management where you hear stuffs like; “I deserve the biggest office because I am the executive officer here” or “I deserve my 28 days every year regardless of how the company is doing”.

These are examples borne on the concept of LAZINESS as an operating basis. As though a person must take the weekend off or leave at 4 pm regardless of his/her financial condition or the company’s profitability or success.

The financial squeeze and pain being experienced by those that believe in these myths are immense and will continue to be inflicted until we as a people and as a country start operating with new disciplines.

Well, we always try to make case for the average man by saying they have been victimized by the rich or by some government’s misdeeds, but every person being victimized contributes to their condition in some way.

It is an interesting thing because they are always quick to see themselves as victims, and everything that happens to them is victimization and you hear things that make you want to cry for them:

  1. They always have bad things happen to them,
  2. They are always involved in one problem or the other,
  3. They will always suggest that they had nothing to do with it,
  4. But bad things continue to happen to them.

The popular average class financial policy is based on “Only do enough to get by” and that is born out of laziness. Even the experts suggest saving only enough money for 3 months in case of emergency. Make as little as possible, save as little as possible, invest as little as possible, learn as little as possible, and work as little as possible.

This is the mentality mantra and has stucked deeply in our brains.

This ‘laziness-entitlement’ or just do enough to get by has damaged an entire class of people and the Nigerian society today is far taken away from reality.

It is the reason, there are so many money death traps hanging over our heads daily. We just got past MMM where a whole lot of people got sunk.

We receive new networking groups into our country almost every month in a bid to show people how to make money the easy ways.

The vices are increasing almost on a daily basis for want of the easy way because of the laziness entitlement concept.

This is not the attitude of China, India and other developing nations that are committed to expansion, survival and solvency.

It is my belief that laziness is not a natural state but one that has been seen as a culture, the young have been educated about it, they’ve been encouraged and allowed to practise it. In fact, as an employer, you could be stoned to death for asking staff to work on a Saturday.

Take a look at most forums online today, and all you hear are words like;

  • “Make money fast”.
  • “Start Making Money Immediately without doing anything.”
  • “60 Minutes and you’ll become a millionaire – inbox me or ping me”
  • “Your days of suffering are over – share this now and you’ll be surprised at the amount of monies you’ll receive.”
  • “Someone sent this to someone and he refused to share it to 15 people and he became poorer. If you share it, you will become rich.”
  • “I want to help 20 people make N1,000,000 each within 24 hours. Inbox me now.”

And the lists goes…….

Nigerians, we can’t continue this way.

Laziness is a failed policy.

To become industrious we must let go of the laziness entitlement concept.

Let me close this here even though it may hurt that our work ethic has to change. Our thoughts and attitudes lack the needed energy that exerts the kind of force that will let us off that hook or policy of entitlements.

This has to change.

We need to start developing the desire to put in more work. More actions. Avoid pensions. Avoid gratuity entitlements. Avoid inheritance. Avoid fast and easy monies.

Think more about actions and less of entitlements.

Those that are most secure in today’s economy do not approach opportunity lazily but industriously.

The successful people you see today have full security at their becks and calls. They don’t just do enough, but instead, they go way above what others are doing.

The laziness entitlement is actually a failed concept of the entire classes of people including politicians, government executives, leaders of many spheres and have left them more as dependants to our collective resources and they will crush you if you ever try to take their place whether directly or remotely.

Finally, are you still with the laziness entitlement concept?

Entrepreneurs are industrious so get off it and start working.

What are you lazying about? Take a sneak peek on my book “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

This will help cure the Laziness Entitlement Concept.

Do Have A WOnderful Ester Celebration.

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