22 Apr 2019

Are You Making A Decision Or Creating A Disaster

It’s been 7 years since I took that decision.

Severally I had confessed it was a poor decision at that time, but a great one today.

Over time I had realized that my whole had been surrounded by the things I was attracted towards me, including the ones that made me fail woefully.

I realized much later as I grew more in the entrepreneurial world that I never attracted the things I wanted until I was ready for them.

Now before you go rush to start thinking about the “Law of Attraction”, let me pause you here a little and clarify what I mean…

I was never able to attract the things that I truly wanted until my commitment, my attitude, and my actions reflected the desired end target.

For example – I never made N1,000,000 until I started working like I was making N1,000,000 – then N10m, then NXYm.

I didn’t get the types of clients I wanted until I started talking and acting like the person they’ve always wanted to meet to help them scale their businesses.

I didn’t start creating the kinds of businesses until I started reaching out to the experts who are already in those fields of business until I started reading the books until I started attending seminars and meeting with desired mentors and coaches.

I didn’t become a great Dad until I decided to make the effort to be the best Dad for my kids that I could be.

Lastly, I didn’t become the husband of my wife who’s been so great, loving and caring until I went for her, until I asked her hands in marriage, until I decided we were going to live together, until I decided to look away from her flaws and also asked her to do the same.

I have been able to continue to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur, a businessman, an investor, a husband, and father because I am constantly operating with the “next level” in mind.

Now listen, everything you want is just a step away from you.

If you want to be in control of your own life, have the kind of freedom you’ve always dreamt of, living the life of your dreams… It doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to be committed to making it happen.

However, I have found out that it happens faster than you ever thought possible.

And it starts simply by thinking and acting like the person you wish to become TODAY.

Let me also state it here that 99% of the times, people need that push for a change. I mean something that forces a change. I call it a change catalyst.

As for me, it’s happened many times.

The first was when I made the decision to leave my high paying job.

The second was when I had to read that one book…….

I have made 6 to 7 income figures for just that one decision to read that book.

Since then I have consistently made decisions because I want to be top of what I do.

It’s working out.

The decision to paying Tai, Alex, Trump, Grant, Emyth, and the several coaches and mentors just to learn one or more things has been the radical decisions I have consistently made to avoid the inherent disasters that would have come.

Just a few years into my Real Estate Business, I was hacked and battered. It was indeed a disaster for me, but I realized that it was the monies they took not my skills and I got back again on track because I attracted the skills that would outlive the material things I had acquired and it’s kept me growing.

Seriously, if you must know…. At a point, I lost everything.

Just like me….. You will have 2 choices.

You will change because you decided to. (1% of people are here).

You will change because you have been put under a threatening situation that forces change. (99% of people are here).

So what will your catalyst for change be?

A decision or a disaster?

Now take my sincere advice…  A decision is your best bet.

Make the decision, and then support it with information to improve your skill set.

Are you ready to make the decision?

Are you ready to transform your business, income, and life?

Then I want you to invest in this book today.

I know what the worth is and believe me, you will thank me in years to come just as the few who are already enjoying it and doing today.

“How To Start A Business Without Money” is a concept though might have been shared before, but the perfect path to execution has and will always be your problem.

I have you well covered on this.

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Are these enough to get you started?

Oh Yes! 100%

I didn’t get this opportunity. But you do now.

So take advantage NOW before it gets too late.

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