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Have you ever been through so much that you decided for just one thing to happen to you so as to close your whole chapter in life? Yeah! That's the height of what life took me through. I lost virtually everything I built for myself and my family within just 8 months. I became the rejected soul among friends and ex-colleagues. Those I held in high places as friends and could run to for help gave me the coldest of reactions at sight. At a point, I lost all my entire members of staff who were working for me. In fact, some took away the slightest business opportunities they saw coming to me. While others except a few sold the little I had left and paid themselves off. It was a hunt between some mischievous policemen and me. I had over 6 cases against me in court and I never bothered to pursue the cases I took to court myself because I was already overwhelmed. I cried, I laughed and I jeered. But one thing kept me going....... The Life I have is more than anything else. And I knew that If I worked really hard, studied even harder, and practicalize everything I've been learning.... I would survive and come back stronger. That was simply what I did......... Today, I'm back again on my feet and even stronger. Telling you this story is not to attract sympathy. I'm simply saying YOU Can RISE AGAIN from nothing. You may be wondering, what I am really talking about. After over a decade with the bank and rising to the peak of my career. No one including me ever thought I could fall very flat to a state where I couldn't afford a meal for myself. Guess what? After studying the best of those I chose as mentors which include the legendary Jim Rohn. Life took a new turn and I have since built 4 businesses. The experience is what made me write my first book - How To Start A Business Without Money. This book is inspirational and I challenge you to get a copy for yourself. Don't ever doubt your potentials. I have told people around me many times, that you can take away all I have built over the years, just don't take away my faith in GOD and my skills. I Will Rise Again. Enjoy The Ride Here With Me.


As an Ex-Banker, whose entire banking career for over a decade was spent daily with various types of business owners and their businesses, then resigning from my banking job to start my own business and going bankrupt in less than 3 months and then starting from scratch with no money in my pocket or in the bank is a whole lot of experience I would never have thought could be possible. Those years of experience taught me that the most important thing any business needs or anyone needs to succeed both in life and businesses is a magnificent SELLING SKILL. I am passionate about selling and that’s what I’ve learned for the last two (2) beautiful decades of mylife and still learning. Today, I have developed myself in these very important areas of life and businesses; Personal Motivation, Business Development, Marketing & Sales.

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