26 May 2019

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jumia Online Shop – No. 7 Will Shock You

Yes, it will shock you. But you need to read from top to bottom for you to understand.

Jumia Online Shopping Mall was a brainchild of a Nigerian, but they needed financial backup to go massive and they got it.

This isn’t just what I want you to know about this company and business. There are more to it than you see today.

A lot of times people go like “Oh that company is making a lot of cash from Nigerians and they’re not Nigerians”.

What the heck? You had all the times, the chance, the opportunity, the brains, and you still have it to compete with them, so why complain?

Let me even make them feel a little poked.

These guys made over in 2018.

Do you get that? You want more information on them right?

So, today I thought I should present you with these 7 vital facts you didn’t know about them.

How you handle it is all yours. Maybe, you could have a change of mind about what you’re doing today.

After all, some wrote… “Is Jumia Using Jazz or Washing Money?”

Let’s get started.

  1. Jumia is a brainchild of 2 Smart Foreigners who got involved in partnership with 2 Nigerians.

Excerpts for Wikipedia Reads:

“Jumia is a pan-African e-commerce platform. The platform consists of a marketplace, which connects sellers with consumers, a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, which facilitates transactions among participants active and Jumia’s platform in selected markets. for electronics, and fashion among others. In 2012, Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, ex-McKinsey consultants, founded Jumia along with Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.”

  1. Jumia started in Nigeria in 2012

Excerpt from Wikipedia reads:

“Jumia started in 2012 in Lagos, the company currently has a presence across 14 African countries.”

  1. Jumia does not manufacture or produce anything it sells.

Excerpt from Wikipedia reads:

“It has partnered with more than 81,000 local African companies and individuals and is a direct competitor to Kilimall in Kenya and Konga in Nigeria.”

  1. Jumia makes an average of N10Billion naira profit a year.

Given a rough statistic from various platforms, it could be as high as N27Billion naira a year.

  1. Jumia started out with only 3 staff and today has over 5,100 staff globally.
  2. Most offices of Jumia nationwide is not originally owned by Jumia but by agents who get paid for helping Jumia setup.

This takes the pains of monitoring staff across boards by Jumia because once you’ve been licensed by Jumia to open an office courtesy of their brand, you will handle all the expenses of rents, staffing, and delivery yourself. Jumia only pays you commission for doing anything with them.

  1. Jumia is using the concept of “How To Start A Business Without Money”

They do not own any of these goods, nor products as manufacturers or producers. Their job is simply creating a platform that allows them to showcase products manufactured or produced to their raving fans.

What they’ve as their stock in trade here is simply their marketing and sales skills which you too can learn.

The good part of this is that they’re not the first. They simply found their niche and target audience and decided to launch their business in this direction.

The sweet part of this experience is that they even sell foods today. You can request a massage from their platform and someone will be right in your house to give that service.

Jumia runs a travel agency for airlines.

Jumia runs health services and products

Jumia is selling almost everything your mum and mine once sat in some stores all day to sell just a product.

For those who have heard about DROPSHIPPING, you will understand that for most businesses online today especially in the developed country, what happens is simply DROPSHIPPING.

You don’t need a store, an office or some kind of staff to run smoothly, because the companies that manufacture these products will help do the delivery.

We are already advancing to that stage in this country where most things will not be purchased directly anymore.

For your information, DROPSHIPPING can only be successful if you have Online Marketing and Sales Skills.

What this means is that you must horn your skills in SELLING both online and offline.

The good thing here is that this Book “How To Start A Business Without Money.” holds you by the hand and takes you through all the processes. Plus revealing some businesses you could also start on your own even if you don’t want to go as big as Jumia today, but someday.

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