06 May 2019

3 Things That Makes Your Best Closing Tool

Are you having it tough on closing sales? This might just be the best shot for you.

It’s okay to blame the Government when you are not making the kind of sales you want to make in that business.

But is it okay to put the bulk of the blames to the Government?

My answer to this is No!

In fact, generally, the Government should not even be part of your blames as an Entrepreneur in this part of the world because almost everything comes free.

Take a look at countries where TAX laws are strict, and you’ll realize you are enjoying a whole lot of freedom doing business here.

That’s by the way…..

With a good product or service, and you are not making the kind of sales you want, it means there are things that are not being done rightly.

You may just need to review your product/service and the processes again.

I say this because; while you are complaining that there is no money out there because the Government did this or that, it will interest you to know that people are still spending.

I think it’s just a mentality issue.

From all media sources, you hear people complain about the Government and hardship. While this may sound true, there are people that were never selling before this Government came into power and today, their sales have shot far beyond their expectations.

These same people will hail this Government.

All of these boils down to mentality.

And the truth is, if you’ve checked with them properly, you may find out that nothing actually changed except their attitudes.

This leaves us with the question…. Why the difference between the two.

I have a solution you may find interesting if you want to start closing more sales with your business.

Here are the things to do.

There are a few questions your customers or prospective customers aren’t thinking of yet.

So, you’ve got to sell the customer on these three things.

  1. Sell Yourself
  2. Sell Your Business and
  3. Sell Your Service.

Let’s take a look at these three things closely.

Do you know that your customers want someone who would hold them by the hand until they are satisfied with what they’ve bought?

That’s where you come in.

For example, it is possible for you to get a TV set from Jumia with over 30% difference in price. But what happens when it breaks? Is there someone you can call? Is there a nearby store you can go to get it fixed? Do you have to send it back to Jumia? If Jumia allows you to send it back, for how long can that guarantee be there for you. What about the cost of sending it back and the time duration required for them to fix it and return it back to you.

Don’t forget that you would be spending time online and on the phone calling their office. You will also be asking and answering a whole lot of questions from their customer service. Sometimes might even piss you off. What if they don’t have a return caveat for you and this happened.

It takes selling Yourself, Your Business and Your Services to please any customer.

Someone they can say…. “Oh! If it’s that man/woman or that company, just know that you are in safe hands.”

Do you notice that most businesses do not even have any details about their customers?

That’s even a matter for another day.

Now listen to this.

One of the biggest mistakes that people are making in an economy that appears to be so bad is that they aren’t selling themselves, neither nor their business and their service to their potential customers.

They aren’t looking at the problems their products and services is solving. They aren’t taking that long shot to sync with their customer’s utmost concern.

They think the customers just wake up and walk into their shops to buy without first thinking about why they need the product or service, where they would buy from to meet their unvoiced fears for the products they buy.

Don’t put the blames elsewhere for your lack of sales.

Always make sure your customers understand that you also understand their fears by explaining all of it to them and assuring them that you will be there when they need you.

Let them understand that they’re not just buying the product – they are also buying unparalleled service and a peace of mind that only you can offer.

So, start today and get your businesses dusted for a real caring game.

Be willing and ready to convince them of that, and I guarantee they’ll spend their money with you.

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