26 May 2019

3 Steps to Get More Results…… Pay Attention To No.3 If You Can

The thought of regrets should never have been if excuses never existed.

Sadly, it does……

I feel pained sometimes when I look back over my life and analyze the ways I did this perfect job of creating excuses.

At these times I relied HEAVILY on excuses as a way to help justify my circumstances, my production, and even my attitude.

The truth is, almost everybody does this.

…and how could you not, it’s SO easy you know!

Incidentally, in Economics, demand slows down when there is an increase in supply, and of course, prices drop really fast.

Let’s bring it to our daily lives.

More excuses, less work, and value diminishes. Period!

I guess you need to get this clearly right?

This is it…….

Excuses are the Demand – When you want to fail, you create excuses. More excuses created brings about the next action. Less Work.

Work is the Supply – So, here Work or inputs to get things done becomes less because excuses can be created easily at any time to save you from bashing or blames. Now, you know what to say when you don’t do what needs to be done.

Price is the Value – Gradually, people begin to run away from you. Trust is lost, dependence on you to get things done diminishes, you become of zero value.

This indeed explains us on each day’s task.

You’re either increasing your value or decreasing it.

And the first 2 actions determine the divide you find yourself.


But as we all know, 99% of us don’t ever want to give excuses.

A songwriter “Tope Alabi” said, a child starts lying even when he/she has never seen someone lied before.

What that implies is that excuses are inborn. But can be dealt with.

 So, today… I would like to show you the 3 simple ways I have used to help myself To GET RID OF EXCUSES.

Maybe you should try and see if it would work for you too.

Here are 3 Ways you can do it:

  1. Consciously Understand and Acknowledge the fact that no matter the excuses you create, it will never change or improve your situation. This is a rare and face-to-face truth you must tell yourself.


  1. Make a list of the excuses you use or hear on a regular basis

For example:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I have kids…I don’t have kids
  • I am married…I am not married
  • I have to find balance in my life
  • I am overworked
  • I don’t have time to study
  • Our prices are too high
  • The customer didn’t show for the appointment
  • The economy is bad
  • I’m too tired to go to the gym
  • I don’t just want to be in the same room with XYZ
  • He/She Talks Too Much
  • He/She Is Boring
  • It Will Take Too Much Time
  • I Really Don’t Understand How It Works
  • I Was Told, It’s Not Possible
  • I Slept Off
  • I Was Sick or Ill, So I Couldn’t
  • I’m Not Good At Reading or Writing
  • I’m Not A Graduate
  • I’m More Advanced

and on and on…Pay Attention

  1. Sit down with your list and find ways to take responsibility

For example:

  • “I don’t have any time” vs. “I am not being productive enough with the time that I have”
  • “I don’t have time to study” vs. “I Need To Spend At least 30 Minutes A Day To Study, So I Can Become Better Because It’s Important to me”
  • “Our prices are too high” vs. “I am about to properly demonstrate value to customers, so they can see how valuable our product is compared to the price tag”
  • “I don’t have money” vs. “I’ll & find something to do to get money”
  • “I have kids” vs. “I’ll plan my schedules with my kids, so I can also do other things in good time.”
  • “I’m married and can’t do anything to make money” vs. “Since I am married and won’t be allowed to go out and work, let me find something I can do from home as a wife.”
  • “I’m overworked, and can’t do other things” vs “How can I have more energy to work and be able to do everything that’s important to do every day for me.”


Excuses are really about YOU accepting responsibility!

…actually it’s your inability to.

Learning to accept responsibility for EVERYTHING literally has changed my life.

Remember this…


Want more control in your life? Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

So be aware today of any excuse you make, then try to find a way to accept responsibility for it.

Thanks for your time.

Is this important to you?

Please share and let someone learn something too.

I will see you again soon.

My name is Tim Abel.

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